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See why SumoJerky gets people excited about coming to work.

I sent the email letting them know the jerky was here and they were gathered around the table just waiting for me to bring it upstairs. Thanks for an awesome pick!

- Kara B., Office Manager, Sendgrid

In 2001, my startup voted on 401k vs beef jerky bec we couldn't afford both. Team chose jerky bec happy engineers can beat market returns.

- Hunter W., Partner, Homebrew VC

What’s SumoJerky?

SumoJerky delivers surprise flavors of healthy and delicious beef jerky to your office, once a month. It’s the perfect replacement for productivity killing snacks like pretzels, chips, and crackers. We’ll win you back the wasted hours caused by food comas and sugar crashes. Read a short story about how SumoJerky was born.

Highly rated beef jerky.

We find the highest-rated jerky chefs in the US and send their best flavors to your office. Here are a few of the brands that we’ve delivered to our customers.

jerky bags

All the jerky is minimally processed and minimally preserved. Each bag of jerky has less than 5 grams of sugar per serving.

Super happy employees.

Employees promote your company for you when you sign up for SumoJerky. It's like free PR for your business.


You can even list SumoJerky on your hiring page as a perk that differentiates you from competitors. And you can use it as an interesting ice breaker with job candidates -- our survey data shows that programmers and designers especially love jerky.

Missed lunch, no problem.

Missed meals and late nights are inevitable when your team has their heads down building something amazing. Give them a backup plan that won't ruin their diet or squash their productivity.

Nothing's worse than pulling long hours and realizing the only thing in the breakroom is trail mix. With SumoJerky your office is stocked with artisan-made jerky that can double as a makeshift meal in a pinch.

Team building, automated.

Our monthly deliveries create natural opportunities for jerky tastings which are a great way to get the team together for a shared experience.

Plus, studies show that small frequent events like jerky tastings make employees happier versus more infrequent elaborate events like catered parties. And it’s more affordable and requires less planning than your average office event.

No clean up or setup required.

The jerky is packed in re-closeable snack-sized bags with two servings per bag. There’s no clean up, no set up, no dishes.

You get to be the expert.

We send you all the details about the ingredients and craftsmanship that go into preparing each batch. You get to be an expert on each month's jerky and share the story with your team.

Who else has ordered SumoJerky?

Give your employees a perk that's even more impressive than what Google and Facebook are doing. We serve 125+ offices worldwide -- from startups, to mid-sized companies, to big multinationals.


SumoJerky is the go-to office snack for companies who value the health and happiness of their employees. Our deliveries reach over 1,000 happy employees every month.

What are the ingredients and nutrition info?

Mostly beef, salt, spices and marinade. Here's a nutritional panel from a recent delivery that's representative of the kind of healthy jerky we send out.

Nutrition Facts

The ingredients and nutritional stats vary some because we use a different jerky maker every month. All the jerky we send is minimally processed, minimally preserved, and has less than 5 grams of sugar per serving.

How is this different from Costco jerky?

SumoJerky gives you access to a broader array of unique flavors and styles of truly artisan-made jerky. This is small-batch jerky from all over the US that’s really hard to get your hands on. We rotate in new flavors for your team every month so there’s never any snacking boredom. Your dollars also go to independent jerky chefs rather than large corporations.

Does SumoJerky offer free samples?

We do not offer free samples, but we will make you a risk free guarantee. If your team doesn't love the first order of jerky and think you're totally awesome for trying something new, then we'll refund you.

What if I think adding a vendor is a pain?

We understand it can be inconvenient to add a new vendor. That's why we do everything we can to keep things simple.

  1. We send you clear and concise receipts for easy bookkeeping.
  2. We automatically email you when the jerky is about to arrive.
  3. We have a flexible, cancel anytime policy. No contracts, no long term commitments required.

In return for going the extra mile to work with SumoJerky you'll earn respect in the office for being adventurous and trying something that promotes the health, happiness, and well-being of your co-workers.

How is it delivered?

We ship you the jerky in a big box via USPS. Here are actual examples of what it looks like when it arrives and gets opened.

delivery box dried and true delivery box mojo

The jerky in the box is in re-closeable bags that are perfectly portioned for individual snacking. The jerky ships on the 20th of the month and arrives a few business days later.

Can I do this as a one-time treat for the office?

Yes, sign up for the trial and then cancel after you receive your first delivery. As long as you cancel 5 days before the next ship date, you won’t be billed.