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How much jerky is in one bag?

There are typically about 2-4 ounces of jerky in every bag, but bag sizes vary because we use different jerky makers every month. A serving of beef jerky is one ounce and has about 100 calories.

Do you only ship BEEF Jerky?

While the vast majority of our shipments are beef jerkies, occasionally we will go with a pork, chicken, turkey or salmon jerky. If you have any dietary restrictions, please note them in the follow up questionnaire that we send you.

When does the jerky ship?

Your jerky ships in 2-4 business days from your initial order. Subsequent shipments leave our warehouse on the week of the 20th of each month.

Please also note: We charge your subsequent deliveries on the 5th of the month to allow us enough time to sort out any issues with payments and get the jerky selection just right.     
US customers should receive their packages 2-3 business days after shipping.
Canada customers should their packages 5-10 business days after shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship to the United States and Canada.

How much is shipping & handling?

Shipping and handling varies based on your order. It's generally around $6.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.

What happens after my first month?

If you like the jerky, you will continue to be billed monthly and receive jerky like clockwork every month. If you don't like the jerky you can cancel at anytime.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

There’s no contract on the monthly packages — you just pay as you go, and you can cancel any time up to 5 days before the monthly ship date. The Annual Package is prepaid for the year and will renew annually. You can choose to renew or cancel at the end of every year.

What if I need more jerky?

You can login into your account and increase your order or email us and we'll increase it for you. Please contact us at least 5 days before the ship date.

What flavors will I get? Is it spicy?

We send different surprise flavors every month that match your tastes. Some are mild, some are spicy. We mix it up.

So what do I get?

You can pick between 2, 6 and 12 bags of the best beef jerky on earth shipped to your door each and every month.

Is it the same jerky?

Depending on your subscription size you will get up to 3 different jerky brands per month. We do not repeat beef jerky flavours annually but occasionally bring back all time favourites from time to time for our new customers.

Do I really need a jerky subscription?

Depends. Do you eat jerky on a regular basis? If you answered yes, you totally need a subscription to SumoJerky. If you answered no, you totally need a subscription to SumoJerky.

Is this a good gift for my Uncle Earl? He is a bit odd and so hard to buy for?

We all have an Uncle Earl on our present list. A monthly subscription to SumoJerky counts as 12 gifts throughout the year. Birthday? Covered. Christmas? Handled. Spanish Easter? Totally taken care of.

Money back guarantee

SumoJerky has got your back. Our goal is to always be fair and reasonable. If you're unsatisfied with the service we'd be happy to grant a refund or replace any jerkies you don't like, for free. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but we bet you won’t want to.

What’s the SumoJerky refund policy?

Our goal is to always be fair and reasonable. If you're unsatisfied with the service we'd be happy to grant a refund or replace any jerkies you don't like, for free.