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D's Jerky
Thin sliced, ultra tender beef jerky, cut into snack sized pieces. Features 3 different flavors of beef jerky from recipes created by David Warren in Dixon, Kentucky.

"This is Michelin-star jerky in a Nascar package."

That's what I thought after finishing my first bite of D's Original beef jerky.

I found the juxtaposition satisfying. Like when you figure out the best meal in town is served at a food truck.

The jerky was tender -- the type you can eat by the handful -- and I did.

The bright camo facade of the package didn't do it justice.

It should have been wrapped in gold leaf and sheathed in crushed velvet. A Sumo can dream.

David still has some work to do in refining his new Spicy flavor, but it's a nice change of pace when one starts OD-ing on the Original.


Super tender and snackable. Made from choice loin steak cut into small strips and then dried to create the soft texture. Up to six month shelf life in unopened pack. Refrigerate after opening.


Original Spicy Pepper

Ryan's Personal Favorite

My personal favorite: The Original


Jarring but practical. Sealed plastic with opaque front and rear Kentucky-shaped viewing window with adjacent nutritional stats.

Package Front
Package Back


D's Jerky is currently available in 3.5 oz bags. A serving of jerky is one ounce.


Good fit for Atkins, Keto, Low Carb, Paleo, Gluten Free, and Slow Carb (4 Hour Body) diets.

About the Jerky Maker

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