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Eddy's Beef Jerky
Paleo-friendly jerky made from Angus beef. Features 3 different flavors of beef jerky from recipes created by Mark Eddy in Fort Collins, Co.

It’s Wednesday at 1p and I’ve been fasting since 9p the night before. I’m starving and I have a big piece of Eddy's Beef Jerky sitting out on a plate next to me, tempting me while I promise not to eat it until I’ve completed my photos.

My first bite is from the Holy Ghost flavor. The jerky is sliced thin and shaped almost like a slice of pizza, albeit a small slice. I bite off a good chunk and immediately identify the ghost pepper flavor. It’s unique. The heat hits me in the esophagus but the first bite isn’t too bad. It’s not painful. It’s more curiosity inducing.

I like that there are some small sinews of fat streaked through this pizza slice of jerky. This is real, dried steak I’m eating.

The jerky is dusted with seasonings and some dried peppers. I like the mouth feel of the exterior seasonings and peppers as I take a much bigger bite in bite 2. The heat is building. Some sweat is starting to build around my eye sockets, but it’s not painful. I took the 3rd bite instinctively, like an addict chasing heat. Feel some heat around my hairline, possibly sweat approaching.

The Holy Ghost is delicious, but very hot. I’m good with most spicy foods but this is a three hitter quitter for me. Luckily my sample from Mark was about 3 bites total.

I’m switching now to the Original so that the heat & sweat fades. Before I bite into it, I am reminded how healthy & clean the ingredients are in this jerky. Other than the heat from the previous bites’ Ghost Pepper, there are no residual feelings / physical discomfort caused by bad ingredients. This is a really clean & non-allergenic snack.

The Original jerky is also sliced thin, but cut like a belt instead of a slice of pizza. I have about a ¼ ounce piece to try here. My first bite, I eat about ⅓ of the “belt” and immediately taste a marinade flavor. The texture is good and the thin slicing means the jerky is easy to eat. The only thing left to do is identify the marinade which I suspect is soy and/or worcestire. A quick inspection of the ingredients reveals that it’s worcestire sauce, coconut sap, & molasses. Bite number 2 is quick and intentional. This is good jerky. It begs me to eat more and I’m sad I only have 3 bites to sample. The texture is good, the ingredients are clean, and the flavor is on point and not overpowering.

I am a little pensive about diving right into the Holypeno flavor after recently eating the Holy Ghost, but alas it’s time. I’m hungry and Mark has graciously sent me his samples and is waiting on my review.

The Holypeno has similar thin sliced thickness to the Original and the Holy Ghost. The main difference is the shape of the pieces. These Holypeno pieces are smaller than a Dorito chip and have random cloud shapes. I spot the seasoning and dry pepper flakes on the jerky right before putting it in my mouth.

This Holypeno jerky is drier than the other two and the jalapeno flavor comes through subtely with almost like a tart spiciness to it. It’s a subtle flavoring, so much so that I’m ready for bite #2 to try and further ascertain what exactly I’m tasting. My second bite is much larger, about a handful of half-Dorito size pieces. The flavor is tangy almost. Not terribly spicy. I don’t feel a ton of heat building though there is a tiny spice sensation on my lips. The Holy Ghost flavor was definitely much hotter. I eat what remains of the crumbs from this Holypeno flavor. Noting what again seems to be a drier crunchier flavor versus the other two.

I like the Holypeno jerky but would have liked to have larger pieces to sample to get more acquainted with jalapeno flavor which comes through subtely in each bit. The Holypeno flavor tasted a little drier than the other two flavors which might be intentional or it might be natural variations in cooking different pieces of meat.


Super healthy and Paleo friendly. Thin sliced Angus beef with sprinkled on seasonings and dried pepper flakes. Trimmed to pieces of varying sizes, shaped like "belts" and "pizza slices." Gluten free, soy free, no added nitrates, no msg. Up to 90 day shelf life in unopened pack.


Holy Ghost Holypeno Original

Ryan's Personal Favorites

My personal favorites: #1 Original, #2 Holy Ghost, #3 Holypeno


Clear plastic with adhesive label on front.

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Eddy's Beef Jerky is available in 2oz bags. A serving of jerky is one ounce.


Good fit for Paleo, Atkins, Gluten Free, Celiac, Keto, Low Carb, and Slow Carb (4 Hour Body) diets.

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