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Katie's Beef Jerky
Thin sliced, tender beef jerky, cut in palm-sized pieces. Features 14+ different flavors of beef jerky from recipes created by Katie Levesque in Hilliard, Ohio.

I think it took me three emails and one phone call before I got through to Katie Levesque about sampling her jerky. That’s because she spends most of her time in the kitchen creating new recipes and retesting old ones to make sure they maintain perfect taste and texture.

It was worth the wait.

Katie prides herself on the tender texture and intense meaty flavor of her jerky. The flavor is released continuously through each bite, but the meat taste is always first.

I liked that Katie's jerky is thin sliced, moist, and fairly easy to bite through and chew. This isn't a jerky that you have to gnaw on and let melt in your mouth. The texture is such that you can eat a fair bit of it pretty quickly.

I also like that Katie has a ton of different flavors (see below) so regardless if you prefer savory or sweet or super spicy jerky, she has you covered. She also takes suggestions for new flavors from customers so if you have something in mind, let her know.

Katie makes the jerky with her team in small 20 to 40 pound batches.

The Original flavor was named “World Champ” in a jerky competition at the World Hot Sauce Festival in 2015. She had three other flavors place highly as well.


Hand processed, thin sliced and tender with a meaty taste. Trimmed to pieces half the size of your palm's circumference. All natural, no MSG, no nitrites. Up to six month shelf life in unopened pack.


Caribbean Jerk Ghost Pepper’d Habanero Pepper’d
Half Heat Hawaiian Original
Scorpion Scorpion XXX Seriously Spicy
Smoky BBQ Spicy Hawaiian Spicy Smoky BBQ
Spicy Teriyaki Teriyaki

Ryan's Personal Favorites

My personal favorites: #1 Seriously Spicy, #2 Half Heat, #3 Original


Resealable clear plastic with adhesive label.

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Package Back


Katie's Beef Jerky is available in 2.3oz bags. A serving of jerky is one ounce.


Good fit for Atkins, Keto, Low Carb, and Slow Carb (4 Hour Body) diets.

About the Jerky Maker

It was evident to me from our first chat that Katie is passionate about beef jerky.

Some jerky makers greet me with skepticism when I propose a jerky review. Katie met me with a challenge to try her ultra-spicy Scopion Jerky (I managed two bites before succumbing to the heat).

Most jerky makers celebrate a 2nd place finish in the Medium Heat category at the World Jerky Competition. Katie playfully chaffed at not winning 1st.

Very few jerky makers enjoy disrupting their cooking and packing processes for a gourmet jerky club. Katie and her team worked long hours and fitted us w/ special bags just to make it work.

Jerky Maker

Katie tells me the hardest parts of running a jerky biz are the long hours, getting her name out there, and the need to constantly keep learning new things to grow the biz.

The best parts are developing her own recipes, making the jerky with the team, and getting customer feedback that validates her hard work. Katie especially values her independence in the kitchen:

“When someone came to me and said they wanted a super garlicky flavor, I didn't have to rely on someone to develop it for me. I just made the flavor myself and now that flavor is now available and is called "Garlic Lovers' Dream"

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